How Your Sunscreen Can Address Hyperpigmentation

Springtime sunshine means mood-boosting goodness for us all! It's also is the right time to evaluate your skincare routine as more time spent under the sun often brings out dark spots, uneven skin tone, and upsets blemishes — enter: hyperpigmentation. While we believe that each spot, mark and wrinkle is imperfectly perfect, if you're looking to keep your complexion looking bright and even for years to come, look no further.

We're predicting brighter skin days ahead with our award-winning Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum. This 3-in-1 gel-to-milk clean mineral sunscreen helps brighten, hydrate and protect with a silky blurring filter that instantly awakens the skin with each use, while also helping address and prevent hyperpigmentation and cell damage over time. Read on to find out how our ingredients work to help even your skin tone for a natural lit-from-within look.

Behind the Scenes: SuperBright Complex™ 

The fastest way to see real results is to target your hyperpigmentation with a treatment specifically designed to address discoloration and uneven skin tone. Our trademarked SuperBright Complex™ does just that with the perfect blend of clinically proven actives from science and nature. Two forms of Vitamin C, our signature Adaptogenic Amla and oil soluble, deeper penetrating THD-C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), blend with Ayurvedic Licorice Root, antioxidant rich fruit extracts and light reflective minerals to help even skin tone with daily use, leading to dramatically brighter skin and a healthy, spotless look.

How It Works : Brighter Days Ahead

We chose to formulate with two effective forms of Vitamin C, one of which (Amla) is a highly studied botanical adaptogen with proven antioxidant benefits and UV defending abilities. The two forms we formulate with are compatibly effective to drive results, but gentle enough for sensitive and rosacea prone skin (like our founders) for those of us who want the benefits of this antioxidant rich vitamin, but can't tolerate high levels found in many serums.  

Licorice Root is a clinically proven skin brightening ingredient that, when used daily, can help prevent hyperpigmentation by preventing melanin production that's often associated with sun exposure. It can also help address past damage.  We love this botanical for its glabridin content as well -- which is what helps calm inflammation and address fine line and smooth skin appearance to help achieve a more even and brighter looking skin tone.

Lastly the skin-hugging duo of Moroccan Argan Oil and small molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for the perfect marriage to both attract moisture to the skin and lock it in for lasting hydration which is the secret sauce to nurture and support the skin's defense barrier.  Add a kiss of golden illumination and you've achieved that natural lit from within look in one step!

Daily Skin Protection

While our proprietary SuperBright Complex™ helps target hyperpigmentation, daily protection from future sun damage is a non-negotiable to prevent overall discoloration and signs of premature cell aging. We specifically formulated this product for skincare enthusiasts of all types -- multi-functional for sensitive skin friends that don't want 10-step routines AND those seeking a high-powered sunscreen that can live up to the same high quality as the rest of their multi-step morning routine!

No matter your skincare routine or preference, Fortune Teller's 3-in-1 formula is sure to show you results. With any skin-changing ingredient, consistency is key -- just another benefit to wearing sunscreen every single day.

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