Clean & Supercharged™ : A Mineral SPF Makeover

We're breaking suncare boundaries with a new generation of mineral-only SPFs that eliminate confusion, clean-up ingredient lists and redefine zinc protection to complement to your full skincare routine.

Zinc has had its fair share of shade (pun intended) thrown it's way.  Sticky, white, chalky - sound familiar? It did to us too. So we decided to give mineral skin protection a well-deserved + long overdue refresh. How? By treating it like the SPF queen it is!

Our proprietary, skin-loving formulas replace common skin, health and environment disrupting SPF - and skincare - ingredients with meaningful levels of powerful hero actives driven by science and nature. 

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SPF Decoded. Yes, Please.

You can have your cake and eat it too! We are fully dedicated to mineral-only SPF that actually rubs in, feels good AND ups the ante on skin health + ageless benefits.

No guesswork. Just goodness.

Goodbye: 1,500+ Questionable Ingredients Banned by EU + Common SPF Offenders

Hello: Vegan + Bioavailable + Cruelty Free +  Reef Safe + Recyclable + Transparent Labeling

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Our signature 10-active botanical and adaptogen blend is curated for sun, digital + environmental protection during and after exposure. 

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