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Article: Ask the Expert: The Transformative Effects of Energy Healing on Skincare with Alex Sands

Ask the Expert: The Transformative Effects of Energy Healing on Skincare with Alex Sands
Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: The Transformative Effects of Energy Healing on Skincare with Alex Sands

As the stresses of life, the world and being an entrepreneur weigh heavily at times, I’ve become really interested in the way that energy and trapped energy can affect the body, mind and essential needs of the healing process. This is how I discovered Alex at SKIN/CRAFT, who piqued my interest in how energetic work can affect not just emotional well-being and healing but also the outer effects of attention to energy for skin health. Alex is an industry expert, licensed master esthetician and founder of SKIN/CRAFT, a bespoke facial studio with a loyal client base @the_energeticfacialist

With certifications in Emotion and Body Code™ & Reiki, Alex has created a foundation for applying her own fusion of crystal, quantum and sound therapy healing modalities to support unique energy needs with each client and the results are fascinating!

Stephanie: What piqued your interest in energy work?

Alex: There’s a lot that goes into answering this question, but if I had to try and simplify it down to one instance that truly shifted everything for me (literally my entire life), it was receiving my first reiki treatment after a friend referred me to a local practitioner she worked with at a spa. I vividly remember leaving the appointment and sitting in my car thinking “my life will never be the same after today”, and it wasn’t.

Stephanie: I’ve heard alot lately about trapped energy. Can you share what that means and why its release matters?

Alex: My favorite phrase I like to use with new energy clients to explain this exact phenomenon is “we are a society of suppressors”. From a very young age we are taught to stop crying, not to feel pain when we get hurt by affirming “you’re okay”, and keep moving along as if nothing happened because being strong is how you survive.

And while that all sounds beneficial in the moment, you’ll [usually] realize once you approach adulthood that you’ve developed all sorts of subconscious programs and limiting beliefs due to not processing your emotions/traumas, which ends up creating a false reality that can affect your lifestyle and relationships.

Releasing any type of trapped energy will support you in getting back to the core essence of who you are and how you would most benefit from showing up, before the world molded you. I like to tell clients, an energy session is like using a window cleaner on a dirty piece of glass– it simply removes the muck so you can see everything more clearly.

Stephanie: I love that you infuse energy work in your esthetics treatment rooms. Can you share your philosophy on why? Will one see better results with this unique approach?

Alex: I truly believe that we are all energetic beings living in a human body. I also believe that the root of all dis-ease starts in some type of energetic form, whether that’s emotional or something else, and further manifests in physical form if left unresolved.

Adding energy to my clients rituals allows me to get to the root cause of an imbalance and support it energetically. This is usually done by releasing the trapped energy, bringing awareness to the client, and activating supportive energy. From this access point we can then reinstate the flow of healing on all levels, physical and energetic. 

For example: a client of mine came to me because of chronic cystic acne they couldn’t get rid of regardless of what they did. Once I was able to make them comfortable with allowing me to support their skin healing through energy (because yes, some clients do opt out of this feature) I was able to uncover that their acne started around the time of multiple traumatic family events that they had not fully processed and the energy became trapped. Once the client was made aware of this correlation, their body and energy were able to process the events and support the healing process. And guess what? Their skin finally cleared up within weeks!

Stephanie: I wish you lived nearby - I’d be there monthly! Can you share what makes a SKIN/CRAFT energetic facial so unique, transformative + results driven for your clients?

Alex: Well, that is so kind and I wish so TOO! :) What makes SKIN/CRAFT so unique is my well-rounded and integrative approach to skin + wellness. I’m an eternal student and have a lot of really cool tools in my belt that I intuitively pull from for each individual client, making it truly customized on all levels. I also have an affinity for decadence, so I’ve woven the “woo” with luxury, layered in my integrative approach for drool worthy results, and topped it all off with holistic green beauty to make sure my clients feel good about their ritual!

Stephanie: I’m fascinated by your curated, certified offerings in Emotion and Body Code™. Can you explain more about each? And the types of results one can expect?

Alex: As you pointed out above, trapped energy is a thing more people are becoming privy to. Emotion Code and Body Code come in to support just that, but in a very practical way. A session is done through the access point of the clients subconscious mind (your inner record keeper) and once the connection has been established, we use its wisdom to guide us through the session and tell us what we need to know to support the clients goals.

I break ALL this lingo down in the energy client consult (which is required for all new energy clients) so they can feel extra comfy about the process.

As far as the difference between the two, Emotion Code is a tool to explore any and all trapped Emotions a client may have. Spoiler: we all have them! The neat thing is we can determine the emotion + any additional information about it, like how old you were when you trapped it, and then release it.  I like to tell new clients, “it’s like talk therapy, but less invasive”.

Body Code looks at 6 main categories that branch out into MANY subcategories to get to the root cause of suffering in the mind/body/spirit and then restore balance and wholeness. But don’t let the name fool you, it’s not only for bodily issues. I tell clients to keep an open mind and bring any topics to the table for exploration. 

When it comes to post-session, everyone receives energy differently depending on the area of exploration. However most clients feel lighter, happier and gain a sense of clarity once the session is complete. And great sleep the night of is just a small bonus! More in depth info can be found on my website

Stephanie: I’m personally VERY interested in Emotion Code™ work right now as part of the next step in my own healing journey.  If I can’t get to you in AR, how can I find someone to guide me on this journey? 

Alex: I actually switched all of my energy rituals to virtual once I relocated to Rogers, Arkansas, BUT if you’re like a lot of my clients and prefer meeting in person, you can go to and click on their provider finder to see if there's anyone close to you!

Stephanie:  What types of results can you expect from an energetic facial?

Alex: A deeply lit from within glow that radiates for days and that facial drunk feeling ;)

Stephanie:  I deal with frequent autoimmune/Lyme flare ups that affect my entire body, but most visually in my cheeks.  Stress is one reason – I know I’m not alone in this skin-related manifestation – so, do you have any recommendations to help calm redness from inflammation/rosacea (and stress)?

Alex: I’m not a “pro” when it comes to understanding the in’s and out’s of auto-immune disease but intuitively I feel like exploring some at home enema recipes (such as chamomile–my personal fave) to open up your lymph passageways would be an incredible asset to physically support the body from the inside out and put the body in a rest and digest state aka reduce stress and inflammation.

I also LOVE utilizing the Medical Medium recipes/protocols to support the body's natural healing abilities from an integrative approach.

And lastly, I’d say it's time to book an energy session with ME so we can see what the root cause is and give you some clarity and tools for support! :)

Stephanie: For those of us that don’t live in your neck of the woods, do you offer virtual consultations? Also, do you have three simple tips or modalities you recommend us trying at home?

Alex: At the moment, my only virtual offerings are for my energy rituals. However, if you’ve made it this far in the interview, you’ve hopefully come to understand how connected your skin issues are to your body, and how connected your body is to your energy. Which basically means I can support your skin without ever touching it or selling you a product! 

But since we live in a hustle and bustle world my FAVORITE tools, outside of an energy session, to help support my overall wellbeing are:

Happy Bum Co at home enema kit (I’d suggest looking up some recipes and start with a much smaller dose of coffee, 1-2 tsp per enema)

  • I’ll be sharing a lot about this in the future, but they completely changed my life, my mental health, my gut health, my skin and my energy levels. I think everyone should be doing enemas! You can use code SKINCRAFT for a discount or click this link.

Mikaela Maclean’s Energy Cleanse / Energetic Beauty Sleep

  • I play this yoga nidra every single night as I drift to sleep to effortlessly support my energetic needs. It’s super relaxing, easy and makes me feel like I'm being supported after a long day out in the world. Grab yours here

Omnilux LED mask OR Lyma Laser

  • One is more budget friendly than the other, but I can’t live without either of these in terms of supporting my skin in between treatments and supporting healthy aging. Both modalities can be received at SKIN/CRAFT, but I often recommend these tools to clients and friends who want to take their results to the next level from the comfort of their home.


  • Favorite Wellness Practice or Beauty Ritual: EFT tapping, Yoga Nirdas by Mikaela Maclean & a Crystal infused bath.
  • One Thing You Can't Live Without: I’m a gemini and manifesting generator, so I can never pick just one thing (lol) so the two things I can’t live without are fresh watermelon juice and my lavender-lemon-patchouli Zum mist by Zum. 
  • What You're Reading / Watching Right Now: 
  • Favorite Place You've Been: 
    •  I haven’t had the luxury of being able to travel much, but I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Colorado a handful of years back!
  • Favorite Restaurant/Cafe/Coffee Shop: 
  • Current Desert Island Skincare Products?
    • TOP 5:
      • Dermal Serum by Proteger
      • Green Melon Hydrosol by LILFOX
      • Cupu-Cool by LILFOX
      • Flower Goo by LILFOX
      • Fortune Teller or Guardian Angel by Solara Suncare
  • Favorite Solara Product: 
    • It’s a tie between Fortune Teller and Guardian Angel! I like to have both on hand to support my skin in all its phases, but I absolutely love the glow I get from Fortune Teller and the plumpness I get from Guardian Angel.

Note: Alex Sands is a licensed master esthetician, entrepreneur and certified Emotion and Body Code™ specialist with a large and loyal client base. Ask the Expert tips and interviews are for informational purposes only and any practice, product, supplement, medical or dietary recommendations are personal to those in this blog post only. Always consult your trusted medical practitioners and estheticians to determine the best options for you. 

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