Why your body needs skincare, too

PSA: Your body needs (some) skincare, too. ⁠

Most of us are committed to leveling up our facial skincare every single day, but 67%* of us could really stand to level up our daily body + hand care game with a daily routine (*Mintel 2022) as well.

We believe in a less in more philosophy when it comes to skincare and this philosophy extends to body care as well. If we're simplifying our routines and focusing on the skin barrier, we are able to prevent premature damage caused by the elements. This is where we climb on our soapbox: your body deserves the same TLC as your face, especially when it comes to protecting it against environmental aggressors like UV/sun exposure. Why? Potential increased risk for skin cancer, hyperpigmentation and premature damage as more surface area is exposed. 

Hyperpigmentation and crepe-like skin common on the chest, neck and hands can often be minimized with the proper preventative regimen. You guessed it, sunscreen being the most important.  But who wants to apply a traditional beach sunscreen daily? Most of us definitely do not.  Enter our products. They were formulated to integrate into your daily routine with clean, effective, comfy feeling formulation that serves a multi-benefit purpose.

After all, if you're like us, you don't want (nor do you need) a 10-step body care routine.  It's why we're steadfast is using high quality and skin beneficial ingredients from head-to-toe -- treating the face and body the same when it comes to using high-powered, clinically studied hero actives. It's a simple, easy and highly effective solution for multi-beneficial skincare for the body: moisturizer, sunscreen and even a touch of healing post-sun benefits as well.


You know the relatable tight, dry skin feeling after a day at the beach -- it's familiar, right? That's why we decided to approach our body care product development differently -- nobody loves that feeling.

Additionally, we want to level up the anti-aging game year round -- trying to prevent crepey skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone from the neck down. But most of us won't use a body sunscreen daily if it smells + feels + looks like it only belongs in a vacation bag. So we're putting a new spin on things.

Our signature 10-active PlantDFNS™ blend includes adaptogenic, advanced barrier defense against environmental stressors like the sun, blue light and pollution fully loaded with incredible, well-studied ingredients typically found in face products so that you reach for it daily because you like the way it makes your skin look and feel (and yes, the sunscreen benefit is the cherry on top).


Our proprietary PlantDFNS™ blend of exotic botanicals and adaptogens, combine to nourish, support and defend while the infusion of our Polynesian botanical secret, AO Certified Tahitian Monoi, which has been clinically shown to help heal the skin up to 2 HOURS after exposure. It combines with ingredients like Shea to leave skin feeling soft and looking healthy. It's like an SPF and a touch of après-sun, in one!


Head to toe! But we personally like it best for body given the rich creme texture. Clean Freak is gentle and family friendly / pediatrician approved (it was originally formulated for our founder's children and their skin allergies!). Perfect for beach days, pool parties and BBQs and all of the moments in between.  Craving shimmer? Try Glow Getter for the same skincare benefits plus a touch of illumination.

Warm weather is on the way, so it’s the ideal time to give your body routine an adaptogen-powered defense focused treatment!

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