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Article: ASK THE EXPERT: Releasing + Reprogramming Trapped Emotions with Energy Healing

ASK THE EXPERT: Releasing + Reprogramming Trapped Emotions with Energy Healing
Ask the Expert

ASK THE EXPERT: Releasing + Reprogramming Trapped Emotions with Energy Healing

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Releasing + Reprogramming Trapped Emotions with Energy Healing

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and works as a protective barrier from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature, etc. While daily sunscreen use keeps the skin barrier healthy, strong and supported so that it can protect the body, it’s just as important to turn to inward wellness to protect the mind and spirit

Our own energetic fields operate much like our skin barrier. We are all sponges, constantly absorbing energy throughout our days from the people we interact with in our lives. Whether you’re sitting next to a stranger on the subway or behind someone in line at the grocery store, energy is exchanged everywhere you go.

As more scientific and clinical research into energy, meditation and the effect they have on our brain and mental health has become mainstream in the last few years, I wanted to learn more, so I went straight to one of our fav energy healer and meditation guide, Nicolle Merrilyne. Nicolle’s unique style brings energy healing into all of her meditations, combining the best of both worlds to support her clients in releasing, reprogramming and healing what no longer serves them in their energetic and physical bodies. After all, and I’ve learned this through my own Lyme healing journey, trapped negative energy has an affect on both mental and physical well-being.

Stephanie: What is energy healing?

Nicolle: Energy healing is a healing system found in many different cultures and traditions that restores the balance, flow and harmony of energy throughout the body, mind and soul. There many forms of energy healing, Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, being one of the most well-known. Even though I am trained in Reiki, I have done the bulk of my training through a Psychic lineage in Intuitive Energy Healing, which is the style of energy work I offer. My form of energy is done through a psychic or intuitive lens, meaning I do more than just move energy, I find trapped emotions, unaligned chakras, childhood trauma, energetic cords and more.

Stephanie: How is energy healing beneficial to the mind and body? If you’ve never tried energy healing (or are skeptical), what results can be expected? 

Nicolle: Energy is being passed around EVERYWHERE and if we don’t have proper practices in place to release that energy, it will get stuck in the body and manifest in ways that cause disease. Before I got into this work I was really stuck in my life. I was suffering from many health / gut issues, couldn’t lose weight, was struggling with my skin and NOTHING seemed to work. It wasn’t until I started doing Intuitive Healing sessions that I realized I was holding on to SO MUCH trauma from a past relationship in my body and that trauma was blocking me from healing or finding any balance within my systems. Once I started to do this work, I started to feel SO much better. My entire life changed through this work which is why I am so honored to help others experience what I experienced years ago. If you are skeptical, that's totally okay! I work with people who are skeptical all the time and what I like to share with them is, you don’t have to do anything except show up and be open. The beauty of my sessions is the client doesn’t really have to do much except get comfortable, receive and release.

Stephanie: What is the science / philosophy behind meditation that grounds the work you do? And how do energy healing + meditation go hand-in-hand?

Nicolle: Studies show that meditation improves your mental health, reduces stress which we know causes many serious health conditions, reduces inflammation, can support you in controlling cravings, change your relationship to pain and your ability to observe your thoughts. Some archaeologists date meditation back to as early as 5,000 BCE! I personally believe that any practice that has been a core principle across many different cultures / religions and has stood the test of time is one I am very interested in exploring. Meditation can be found in ancient Egypt, China, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. This is not a new-age practice, this is a practice that has been passed down for thousands of years, one that we are finally catching up to in the modern world. It’s an exciting time to be alive right now. We are witnessing history before our eyes and creating more space for healing, well-being and inner work. The French philosopher Michel de Montaigne is quoted “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself” which is exactly what meditation helps us do.

I personally bring energy healing into all of the meditations I do. Not everyone does this, but this is just my style! We are all our own healers. We can do SO much on our own, we just need the tools and guidance to get there. This is why I like to guide my students through energy healing meditations that give them the tools to learn about their chakras (energy centers in the body), understand when they feel out of alignment, how to ground and release and how to connect with healing energy from source to fill themselves back up when they feel really depleted. 

Stephanie: If you’ve never meditated before, what is your recommendation on how to begin? Is it downloading an app and going at it alone? Or is it better to enlist an expert to guide you? 

Nicolle: Just start trying. Set aside 20 extra minutes in the morning, get comfortable, find a meditation (maybe the night before so you don’t waste any time in the morning) and then go for it! Another thing I should mention is that we are all unique. The meditation style that your friend connects with might be different then what you connect with. Finding the style of meditation that works best for you can take a lot of trial and error, which is where working with a teacher can be very beneficial! 

Stephanie: Meditation and mindfulness have become overused buzz words on social + mainstream media…what do you think the biggest misconception is? How do you bring realness and seriousness to this truly impactful work?

Nicolle: These are topics and practices that used to be done behind closed doors, practices people didn’t understand or believe in and that many people didn’t have access to as easily as we do now. Now, meditation is everywhere which I think is really beautiful and is slowly starting to elevate our world’s consciousness. There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation, one of them being that you must meditate for hours and hours in completely silence to gain any sort of benefit, or that meditation is meant to silent the mind, or that once you start meditating you are going to be totally zen 24/7 and never get angry or upset. None of these are true, you can meditate for 5 minutes and feel a shift in your nervous system, a calming in your breathing, a release of anxiety in your chest. My favorite meditations are not silent, they involve music or drumming and are sometimes just 10 minutes. Meditation teaches you how to observe your thoughts but it doesn’t make your thoughts fully go away, we are human after all. Meditation is a tool to have in your back pocket for when you feel anger or anxiety arise in the body, it can support you in releasing those energies but it does not make us numb to all emotions. I think where I bring a realness to the space is that all the meditations and practices that I share are rooted in authenticity, energy work and are fully channeled unique experiences. I personally don’t guide many mindfulness meditations because that is not the style of meditation that I connect with the most. I think anyone who has meditated with me knows that these experiences are deep and impactful because they are essentially guided energy healings.

Stephanie: Can you tell us a little about your offerings?

Nicolle: I have a wide array of online courses, meditation challenges, workshops and other experiences that you can explore HERE, including my signature 6-week Intuition Course: AWAKEN which I am bringing back live in early 2023 and ASCEND my new 10-week higher level course which will open for another live round in the spring. I have a new meditation challenge, SHEDDING THE OLD, starting early December and have a lot of fun IRL events coming up in 2023. Something new and BIG is coming at the beginning of the year! I am all about making spirituality practical and accessible, you can always find free practices on my Instagram and TikTok.

Stephanie: I launched Solara just after my 40th birthday. I’m a huge believer that everyone should follow their passion at any stage in life. As a fellow female founder, can you share one piece of advice you have or a quote that continues to inspire you? 

Nicolle: If you have an idea, if something sparks passion within you, GO FOR IT. We are living in a time where anything is possible and the sky is truly the limit. If you were to tell me years ago I would be working full time as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Meditation Teacher I would have been so confused. But thanks to my passion and curiosity I am where I am today. The world needs your ideas, your creativity, your passion. A friend of mine told me once that if you don’t act on your ideas, someone else will and that has always stuck with me!



Note: Nicolle Merrilyne is a Certified Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer, Medium, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer and Spiritual Mentor who empowers men and women to heal from past trauma, reclaim their personal power and elevate spiritually. Ask the Expert tips are for informational purposes only and any product, supplement, medical or dietary recommendations are personal to those featured in this blog post only. Always consult your trusted medical, herbal or integrative practitioner to determine the best routine and supplements for you.

- Author: Stephanie DiPisa, Founder + CEO, Solara Suncare

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