Our Story

Stephanie DiPisa

I created Solara Suncare to solve a need for my children who have allergies to chemical sunscreens + my own struggle with Lyme Disease when, while in treatment, I learned:


When searching for healthier options for my family and in support of my own path to healing, I realized most SPF (even those labeled mineral, organic, 'natural') still contained many questionable health and skin disruptive ingredients. Read your labels.

That bothered me because this is a product we should wear daily from our face to our toes. Our skin is our bodies largest, most absorbant organ so what we put on it daily, face to toe, does actually matter.

After more than three years working with talented chemists, doctors and global testing facilities, we're thrilled to give zinc SPF a long overdue makeover!

We clean up ingredient lists, removing questionables, irritators and cheap fillers in favor of wellness and skin health driven goodness. Our products are formulated to boost your skincare regimen with more pleasant (yes, they rub in and hydrate!), cell-loving actives that achieve real results while providing full spectrum protection. After all, I think modern skin protection goes beyond the sun (free radicals, pollution, blue light...all culprits!).

Join us, try us, share us, tag us. #GenerationSolara is officially in full effect.

Founder and Mom of 3

When reaching for mineral-only protection you shouldn't have to also opt-in for either sticky, whiteness OR questionable, skin disruptive ingredients. Solara helps solve that!

We’re Clean

We believe in sustainable, responsible sourcing and 100% transparency from our labels to your skin. My nana always says, “darlin’ it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” She’s always right! So, we removed over 1,500 of the most disruptive, questionable or EU banned ingredients and added even more of the good ones at clinically tested levels. Instead of long, tricky lists of never-ingredients, we choose full disclosure (down the to .004%!) on everything we DO use ... and we follow EU transparent labeling guidelines so there is no guesswork, hidden byproducts or “trade secrets”.

We’re Supercharged

To me, the best products provide multi-tasking agless results, so it was simple -- let’s formulate our mineral-only SPF to boost skin health with ingredients that support skincare + wellness routines instead of contradicting them. And you don't have to pick and choose. ALL of our products use clinically-effective levels of bioavailable + high-performing actives curated specifically for full spectrum modern protection: sun, digital + environmental pollution. We then layer in clinically proven clean skincare science and skin identical ingredients for rejuvinating, healing and cell supportive benefits. There's something about having our cake and eating to that we love.