Our Story

Stephanie DiPisa

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!

When I developed Solara (my kids named the brand), I was on a mission to find non-toxic, non-irritating suncare products for my children, who have sensitivities to chemical sunscreens. It only takes one vacation sitting in a hotel room with a rashy kid to spark a mom into action! When I learned the reaction was due to chemical build-up in their bodies from sunscreen, it freaked me out and I began dissecting labels. As I searched for safer options, I found a big, disappointing (and confusing) hole in the suncare space. There weren’t any that checked ALL of my boxes: non-toxic, non-whitening/sticky and actually benefited the skin. Even the ‘organic’ SPFs had funky, irritating stuff inside, which confused me. And honestly, even if I slathered the kids in sticky white, pure zinc, I needed products that fit my skincare desires too! Like ageless, line plumping goodness (Tanning in high school? Guilty!).

It’s taken three years to launch this line with the help of some of the most talented + respected cosmetic chemists, doctors, labs and testing facilities in the world.

Cleaner suncare is no longer something to overthink...we’ve got you covered.

Join us, try us, share us, tag us. #GenerationSolara is officially in full effect.

Founder and Mom of 3

To me, life is about balance, but SPF felt like the worst “dirty” offender in the skincare lineup and I wanted to change that by creating a new category of skin protection.

We’re Clean

Our proprietary formulas break suncare boundaries, blending mineral sun protection with high-performing skincare science … all with 100% transparency on our labels (and your skin!). My nana always says, “darlin’ it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And, she’s always right! So, we made clean simple. We’ve removed the most disruptive and questionable ingredients and added even more of the good ones at meaningful levels. Instead of a long, tricky list of never-ingredients, we instead choose full disclosure on everything we DO use ...and we follow EU transparent labeling guidelines so there is no guesswork, decoding, “trade secrets” or hidden byproducts.

We’re Supercharged

To me, the best products provide results because they multi-task with meaning, so it was simple -- let’s formulate our SPF to actually be good for the skin and complimentary to our own clean skincare regimen instead of fighting against it. So, we use efficacious levels of bioavailable + protective actives curated very specifically for two things: to help shield the skin from sun and digital + environmental pollution AND to help skin stay healthy and rejuvenate in the important hours after exposure.